Government Grants Can Help Finance Your Child’s Post-Secondary Education

20 Aug , 2016 Community

Did you know that you could open a dedicated savings account to put money aside towards your child’s education? Registered Education Savings plans are offered by most financial institutions as CST Consultants and allow you to make regular contributions that can be withdrawn by your child once they start attending college. This is an interesting way to save up for your child’s education since the Canadian government will also make contributions to the savings plan. Once you open an RESP to save up for your child’s education, you have the possibility to apply for grants via the financial education where you opened up the savings plan.

CST Consultants Inc

22 Aug , 2016 Community

As we are well aware of, financing education now a days in Canada has become quite troublesome. Many of the parents worry about the future of their children. This is why government of Canada introduced a new plan called Registered Education Savings Plan. This plan and CST Consultants are helping parents to start early savings for their children’s academic future.