Best Canadian Cities To Move To If You’re Thinking of Quality Higher Education

18 Jul , 2017 Community

Best Canadian Cities To Move To If You’re Thinking of Quality Higher Education

Some cities of Canada are highly recommended for the native students of this place. Degree from a Canadian University is considered to have a great value equivalent to US, Australia and other European countries. Students are able to gain valuable and quality education that helps them to succeed in their future life. Both, the government and universities provide a lot of benefits and advantages towards the interests of the students so that they are able to pursue education in any field in a very successful manner.


The largest city of Canada is famous in the world for its prestigious universities for higher education. Toronto University is the leading center for graduate studies and research in the field of higher education. Centennial College being the first community college holds prestigious place for many courses, George Brown College for applied arts and technology, Humber College for skill training, Ryerson for film, media and digital media studies, Seneca for Financial Crime Analysis and York University for other graduate and under graduate courses.


The second largest city of Canada, Montreal is also known as city of knowledge, culture and innovation. This city too offers its students a wide range of courses to follow in top notch universities like Mc Gill University, Universite de Montreal, Concordia University, LaSalle College, HEC Montreal etc. This city provides vibrant student life with cinemas, shopping malls, theatre, music, dance and visual art. Research, teaching, employability and international feel are the key factors of this city. Very recently, the education program has been linked in upbringing of economic, social and cultural development of the city.


With the lowest crime rate, this urban city has highest percentage of students taking up academic university courses. QS World University, University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, offer unique study settings. A student has varied options to choose courses from, right from art and design, health care, hospitality, technology, architecture, photography,to many more professional courses.


Canada being a bilingual country, with both French and English as official language, 27% of population who have French as their first language, live in Quebec. Students in Quebec leave secondary school after grade 11 and enter grade 12 at college level as prerequisite to university. Both public and private colleges are present. The large French speaking province gives a chance to the French natives to pursue higher education in varied courses in French. Universite Du Quebec enrolls thousands of local students annually.


Edmonton, a place where work force is younger, highly trained and representative of the multicultural diversity, has number of professional colleges for both part time and full time students, supporting the crucial needs of industrial manufacturing and construction sectors located in Edmonton. University of Alberta stands as excellence for engineering, information technology, molecular engineering and solutions manufacturing. Transport training institute, petroleum training institute, truck driver training institute, welding training institute are directly supporting the industry by training a huge work force after secondary education. Mac Ewan University, Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, Athabasca University and St. Joseph College are some known colleges in the city.

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