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Why would a hospital to use a template for a report that is going to be read by a doctor or other clinicians? Some doctors and clinicians believe that physicians, too quick to write things down in their notes, miss opportunities to make the patient feel listened to and that medical care should always be personalized. Here are some reasons why hospitals use a Prehospital Care Report Template:

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– It’s faster. By typing a sentence and checking it against a database, a doctor can type a medical record, receive feedback from the attending ER doctor, and then type an entirely different sentence to update the information received. This allows for quicker retrieval of information. A narrative might take a doctor three or four hours to type, but a narrative received from a data entry system can be retrieved in five to ten minutes.

– It makes communicating easier. Instead of writing a long sentence with many punctuation marks, a doctor or clinician can just type a short sentence and submit it. A medical record might take weeks or months to make, but a brief narrative can be submitted immediately. Also, a medical provider can type a narrative without being required to cut and paste from a pcr (personal digital assistant) or handwritten document.

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– It saves time. Traditional hospital report forms often contain electronic signatures, meaning a clinician or physician will have to individually sign each sheet of paper. Signing a narrative form electronically eliminates this duplication of signatures, and as a result, electronic signatures are preferred over handwritten ones.

– It makes developing trust easier. When a story is delivered from the mouth of a patient to another person, it is important to trust that person. A story that is delivered from a clinician’s computer removes any potential for human error or misunderstandings. All that is needed is a simple dictation template and a couple of keystrokes. This makes it easy for caregivers and doctors to give the information they need and reduces the risk that it will be misconstrued by others.

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– It provides more room for expanding communication. If a patient or family member gives a story to a nurse, he or she might use a printed medical report form, while an emergency room nurse might use a typed version. But the information can still be transferred in other ways. By using a prehospital care report template, all that is needed is a concise version that is electronically submitted.

A prehospital care template is just one part of the process of developing an incident report. A nurse, physician, or incident commander must work with patients to develop a written account of the events leading up to the patient’s visit. These accounts can include a detailed timeline of the patient’s history – from the time that he or she arrived at the hospital to the time that he or she left. They can also contain a narrative summary of the events that evening – from the time that the patient arrived to the time that he or she left.

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In addition to the timeline and the narrative summary, these reports can also have details about where nurses, physicians, or other staff members were during the patient’s visit. A hospital staff member can simply type in the name of the department before the name of the patient to find out where that person was when the incident occurred. Other details that can be entered in are the exact amount of time that the patient was in the emergency or surgical department during the visit. The iOS platform can also be used to download signed electronic medical records that are compatible with the iOS software.

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