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Creating an executive summary is a common business function. However, most executives do not understand the importance of a well-written executive summary nor how to create one. As a result, they often send out communications to their clients with either badly written or missing bullet points. In other words, they make their business sound great but do not provide the necessary supporting data to back up their claims. This makes it difficult for customers and shareholders to make decisions based on the information that these executives are conveying to them.

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To remedy this situation, a consulting report template can help create a winning executive summary. How to make a template for an executive summary is actually quite easy. It starts by opening a new document in Google Sheets. Name the report document exactly as your executive summary.

Add in your executive summary information. Note that your first sentence of your description should identify who you are (or are not) and what your specific expertise is. For example, “John Doe is a Consultant with XYZ Company”. If you have other details about the client that you feel is important to discuss in your written work, place these in the second sentence. If your focus is on your professional qualifications, be sure to indicate this as well. In general, however, do not provide any analysis report information to clients unless they specifically request this.

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You will then want to add in a couple paragraphs that describe the specific recommendations made by your consultant for the client to take action. Make sure that these recommendations are well-organized and appropriate for the situation that your client is in. For example, if you recommended that the client hire a marketing consultant to handle the launch of their website, you might want to include this recommendation at the end of your writing. At the very least, the recommendation should include the reason why your client needs to hire you and your experience. At the very least, your consultant should provide you with a copy of the marketing consultant’s resume.

Next, you will want to add in a few bullet points. This gives readers a quick summary of the points you discussed in your opening paragraph. If your client requested a quote or price, make sure to include this also. The final report format should allow for a client to simply click on a link to the financial and business statistics section of your website and then to print out the final report that includes your suggested financial and business recommendations.

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These tips are a great starting point for creating consulting report templates. However, there are many other things that need to be included depending on the specific needs of your client. For example, certain subject lines are better used than others. Other things to consider would be using bulleted or numbered lists instead of a more descriptive phrase. And, the formatting styles of certain things might be easier to adjust for your own needs. All of these things need to be thought out before you go about the process of coming up with your own consulting report template.

One great tip for your own consulting report template is to try and create one that is focused specifically on your own industry or business. If you provide a number of different perspectives on a certain subject, chances are your potential clients will have quite a few to choose from. By focusing on your expertise and experience, you will give them the information they seek. By giving them only your opinion and personal experiences, it shows that you are an expert in your field, which can help build trust among your customers.

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Your consulting report cover page template should be designed so that it allows you to effectively communicate your message and build trust with your audience. Remember to consider your branding colors when you are choosing your text. Your brand colors should match your consulting report cover page template, as well as the fonts, colors, and images that are on your website and in the folders that your documents are stored in.

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