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Project Report Format. It is easy to make an effective project report, but difficult to produce an effective report. There are many formats available for reports, but only few of them have been proven effective enough to be used by most executives. Most of these formats come with similar structures and hence share the same pitfalls that other format share. The goal of this article is to provide insight into how to make an effective report and avoid pitfalls commonly found in other formats.

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Project Report Format. The three most common formats used in project reporting are: the word document, the PowerPoint presentation and the Excel workbook. The Project Report Format that I use and recommend is the Microsoft Word file format. The reasons for this are: it is simple to use and customize; you can easily apply different fonts, themes, and colors; you can even include or exclude footers, sidebars, and related content from a project report; you can add links to custom pages and so on. However, even if you have a good software at hand, you can still do an excellent project report, provided you know how to use it and customize it.

Prerequisites. A project report template must have all the basic elements required by any good format. A project report structure should consist of at least the title, the summary, or description of the main points; the introduction and the body of the report. The format of the summary should be very interesting and convey the important information that needs to be conveyed to the readers. The contents of the body should also be catchy. The overall format of the project report should be well-planned and clearly understandable.

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Project Report Format. A typical project report structure should have at least the following table contents: project name and description, objectives, tasks and materials needed, list of files, contacts and references, budget and status, and information about the personnel involved in the project. There are also some optional table contents that are commonly included in any good format. These include case studies or surveys and executive summary. The project history should be indicated with a brief history of the project from the initiation to the present.

Project Report Layout. The layout of the project report is not determined by its contents, but by the organization or person who prepared it. It can be a simple single page or an extensive two-page report depending on the desired format of presentation. The layout can be typical or complex, depending on the purpose of the project report. Typical project reports have a detailed introduction and a body with a detailed project summary and discussion.

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Typical Project Report Contents. This type of project report always starts with an introduction and discussion of the basic facts about the project and the objectives of the sponsor. Project reports normally contain the analysis of the financial feasibility, risks involved, and the feasibility of the project. It also includes other details such as program management, risk control, cost control, identification of challenges, identification of solutions, and recommendation for future projects. For financial feasibility, this includes the analysis of financing, interest rates, possible future uses of the resources, and other details necessary in determining the financial viability of the project.

Identification of Challenges. All types of projects have certain challenges that need to be addressed and these are discussed in the project reports. Most authors use the terms challenge and problem in their writing. The challenge could be defined as a deficiency in the planned activities or in the information that was obtained or used in carrying out the project. The problem could be defined as a failure in the delivery of the intended results, inaccessibility or a poor quality of materials, or other deficiencies that affect the delivery process.

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Identification of Solutions. All types of project reports discuss solutions to the problems encountered during the course of the project. The solutions refer to those actions that can be taken by the participants to solve the identified problems. The solutions might include business solutions, financial solutions, technical solutions, and other solutions that are necessary for a smooth execution of the project.

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