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A personal statement (or a brief statement of personal purpose) is a short piece of prose that students use to demonstrate their academic writing skill on an academic occasion when they’re applying for college or a university course. It’s one of the most important parts of the application process, as it is the first glimpse that the admissions committee has of you. The personal statement is essentially a sort of preamble to your application. The statement will demonstrate your sense of direction towards the college you wish to apply to, and why you think that is the case. While your essay will undoubtedly offer many first thoughts and reasons for wanting to study at that college, your personal statement will show the admissions committee your most important characteristics.

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For example, let’s say that you are a fourth year student of biology who is applying to Harvard University. You have some very strong qualities, such as creativity and a very high mathematics grade point average. Let’s also say that you are an American citizen who is interested in pursuing an advanced degree in molecular biology or physiology.

In these sentences, you’ve just described what you wish to achieve with respect to a chosen field of study. Now we need some personal statement examples for students like you, so that you can see what types of statements apply to your situation. As mentioned above, many universities allow you to write a personal statement of up to two hundred words, so this is definitely not a time to slack off! Now you have two choices: to follow the “stuffed within” format which outlines the major accomplishments you’ve had over the course of your academic career, or you can begin to tell the story of you. Your statement should tell your story in chronological order; i.e., from your earliest days at college to your last few months at that university. It should also contain information about your extracurricular activities, professional interests, and other aspects of your personality that will help you to be well-rounded and successful in a very competitive field such as molecular biology.

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Let’s look at some examples of personal statement examples for students of different majors. If you are an incoming freshman biology major, I would suggest that you follow the stuffed within format. Here you simply list your major achievements, your GPA scores (where applicable), and a personal statement in which you share about your interests and why you chose the particular major as opposed to others. An engineering personal statement example might go something like this: My major was Industrial Engineering. Because I was interested in working with industrial equipment and manufacturing equipment, I chose a major in Engineering Technology.

An accounting and business administration personal statement example might go something like this: I am a third year student of Harvard College. After earning my undergraduate degree, I joined the faculty of Harvard University as an assistant professor in the department of Accounting. I have enjoyed every moment of being a part of the outstanding students, faculty, and staff of the University of Harvard. I am extremely proud of my accomplishment and grateful for all the opportunities that have allowed me to achieve this level of success.

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Another popular choice for many universities is an accountancy personal statement example. This type of example usually begins with the applicant’s name and the word biographical. Then it goes on to list his or her academic and professional accomplishments as well as his or her hobbies and interests. You should always start writing this type of application with your full name and contact information so that the school can reach you more quickly if there are any problems or questions. This format has proven very effective for people who have recently graduated or those who have just started a new degree program.

One of the most common examples used by colleges and universities across the United States is an essay about your personal experiences and education. These types of examples are excellent, because they offer a way for applicants to talk about their hobbies and other interests without having to worry about being awarded credit for prior academic studies. When writing this type of example, it is important to keep things as short as possible. At most, you should not need more than a couple pages to give your details. In fact, it is not unusual for the essay examples provided to colleges and universities to only give you a page or two to properly introduce yourself and to outline your background and hobbies and other subjects of interest.

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Perhaps one of the most common formats for personal statements, which you will find on the Internet is the application form. The application form is a very easy and quick way for many people to apply for college and to highlight their strong points. While it may seem boring, these types of examples are actually among the most effective ways for people to describe their personal strengths and weaknesses within a relatively short period of time. Because you must fill out the application form as quickly as possible, you want to make sure that you make the strongest points as quickly as possible in order to get an application accepted or denied.

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