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Sworn statement sample or declaration in legal language is a written or oral affirmation under an oath or promise that it’s true and is based on proofs. Generally, it is used in court for legal matters, the individual stating all the relevant facts in open court are compelled in a legally binding vow that all his/ her statement samples are based on mere truthful facts only, when there’s any discrepancy or questions to be raised during cross-examination. The mere truth of the matter being submitted as evidence often answers some doubts of the jurors or judge. As an illustration, prior to a trial, a witness whose demeanor and behavior are extremely critical to the case can be asked by the lawyers to provide a sworn statement, which often contains false information or suppositions. When this happens, the jury or judge is then required by law to find that the witness has indeed given the accurate information.

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There are many forms of these types of documents, however, the most common among them are the actual written form and the verbal form. The actual written form comprises the basic elements necessary to express the precise view of the attorney or lawyer on any particular point or issue. These form letters commonly have a heading, or topic, with the name of the client and the party being described under it, date, venue of the hearing, arguments if any presented by either parties and a printed or typewritten signature to sign the same. Also included are the precise words spoken by the client and the opposing party, which should accurately convey to the jury or judge the point of view that the attorney is taking, regarding the legal issue. Other details such as exhibits or reports of expert witnesses may be listed as well.

Verbal Sworn Statements tends to be quite short, consisting usually of a sentence or two, and the opinion or view expressed are not backed up with exhibits or reports. A policy memorandum will most often appear in a separate envelope from the rest of the pleadings, as they are not considered to be part of the pleadings by law. Such a document is to be signed by the client and acknowledged in front of the court or jury. A policy memorandum is subject to cross-examination, however.

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F-2B: This kind of document is different from the other two. An F-2B is a sworn statement under oath made by the officer who is handling a particular case. It can be used as evidence in a court case but cannot be used against the client himself, unless there is a doubt about the reliability of the witness as regards the subject matter of the statement.

Varying Formats for Sworn Statement Sample. There are different formats for various kinds of sworn statement forms. Most commonly, however, the document is in the legal, formal format, which consists of the name of the signing party, the date, a signature in the upper right-hand corner, the name of the attorney to whom the document is being presented, and the signature of the other parties, if known. There are also variations on the signing-party format. For example, a sworn statement form for a lease-option may utilize the signing parties’ names as well as the date and include the phrase “by the” instead of just “on” the end.

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Scheduling Order Form. Also called master calendar, a scheduling order form has blank spaces for filling in the information provided. The information is required to be as accurate as possible, and should include a current and estimated time frame for which the services are to be rendered, and a signature for ordering that service beginning on a given date. A policy memorandum accompanying the scheduling order form should list any applicable statutory requirements and be supplemented by the master calendar’s information about deadlines. If more than one signing party is being billed, their names should be listed on the master calendar as well, with their signatures placed at the end.

Letterhead Samples. In addition to sample letters, there are also Swedish language letterheads. These are very similar to legal or medical doctor letterheads, with almost always being blue with white edges. These letterheads are used for official business correspondence and are used for addressing letters and faxes. If a company is interested in getting custom-designed letterheads, samples can be requested and a quotation given for a set fee.

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Document Samples for Use in Training and Legal Research. If one desires to compile a large database of legal or business documents in the Swedish language, it will take some work. This is because each language has its own words, and vocabulary, as well as various rules associated with writing. For instance, it would be nearly impossible to collect a large number of English examples in the legal profession. This would have to be done manually, and would take up a great deal of time. The samples in this section will help with this endeavor.

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