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A Project Scope Statement is often described as an executive summary or a business case for a proposed project. But the simplest way to describe all of this is through an example. Let us take a look at an example used when developing Project Charter and Business Case for a new Sales Team. This is part one of three in our series of Project Scope Statements. In this article we will wrap up this series.

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The first part of our Project Scope Statement example report looks at the project scope statement document and how it was written. In the Project Scope Statement example, two paragraphs are shown. One paragraph describes the project, its goals and objectives, its time lines and budget. The second paragraph gives some constraints on the project, which include the number of sales expected, sales volume over the next five years, target sales revenue range, geographic area of focus, and company goals and objectives. This information must be presented clearly and in a format that can easily be understood by all involved during all stages of the project, not just the management.

For the third paragraph of the Project Scope Statement example report, we have some final constraints that will be useful for planning and forecasting purposes. These are time constraints and budget constraints. Time frames show the number of days, weeks and months it will take to deliver the deliverable to the customer. And budget constraints refer to the amount of money spent and other financial data requirements, which will include things like employee salaries and benefits and all necessary operating costs.

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Now let’s look at what you would do with the Project Scope Statement document after completing it. The first thing you do is create a worksheet that lists all the items you discussed in the original documentation. In most cases, this will include a table or two, and sometimes a graph. The table or graph should show the deliverable, schedule, cost, revenue, and other factors. You should also keep in mind the business objectives that were discussed in the original documentation.

The next step is to fill in the other data, in the form described above. These steps are how to write a project scope statement example. You now have a full working document that should cover everything you need to know about the project and its boundaries.

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The final step in writing a project scope statement example involves the actual writing of the project description or change orders. The steps here are similar to those of the scope statement example. However, instead of filling in the data in the form with the other required information, you will actually be making the changes yourself. The steps here include choosing a date for the project, indicating the scope of work and the associated cost, defining change orders, documenting all changes, and finally preparing and signing the change orders.

When your budget is too tight, the first constraint you must identify is the money available for the project. Then you can move on to the next constraint, which is the time required to reach the final deadline. You can then evaluate how tight your budget is by considering the amount of time it will take to reach your delivery objectives. If the budget is still not enough, consider increasing it. There are several ways to do this, such as increasing the level of detail in the scope, moving to a faster medium (such as Flash), or using a different format (e.g., Excel) to specify the scope than the rest of the document.

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The last step is to describe your assumptions and constraints. Here you can either use the same format as stated previously, or choose from one of the templates that is usually included with the Project Scope Statement example. The templates usually include information such as project manager, scope definition, description of deliverables, cost, budget, and schedule. Using the templates will make your life easier when it comes to writing the final document, and you will save the time needed when editing the text.

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