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The Stripe Payment Form example shows you how to set up a web-based application. It has three pages which can be used as a demonstration for your customers. You will find that this is a very flexible way of demonstrating the payment gateway, it also makes the application very easy to install. It is possible to use any version of PHP that supports templates for themes.

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To have the Stripe Payment Form demo application installed on your web server, use the phpMyAdmin or nano sites administration tools to create a MySQL database. The database contains your Stripe page entities and other information that you will need to create the application. Using the MySQL database that you created, create the Stripe entity named Stripe, which has the following fields; name, description, email, credit card number, and expiration date.

In the Stripe page entity, create the Stripe variable called Stripe and put in an empty string as the value. Next, create the Stripe object in the Stripe database. This is accomplished by using the Stripe object’s initialize method and putting in the name “stripe” and the length as the second parameter. If you want to use this Stripe Entity then you should pay close attention to how it is defined so you don’t change any of the original Stripe entities.

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Then, in the Stripe page, you must create the Stripe entity named Stripe again and set the required attributes to their default values. In this instance, the Stripe Entity needs the name, description, and email attribute to be set to null. Finally, the template for Stripe should be selected so you can see the Stripe page template to select a form. At this point, you should upload the form file that you have created in the phpMyAdmin site.

When you are using the Stripe Payment Form example, a backup copy of the original Stripeobject is generated so that if there is a problem you can recover the original Stripe entity. One method for doing this is to use a script that creates a backup of the original Stripe entity. By default, the script creates a backup file in the scripts directory. After you have uploaded the backup, open the backup file in the PHP editor and change the Stripe entities to reflect the copy. Save the file and use the File->Save menu to apply the changes.

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To confirm that the Stripe Entity fields are being applied correctly, open the Stripe page and take a look at the Stripe page template. The Stripe page template will contain fields that control the display of the Stripe page. To confirm that the application is working properly, change the Stripe page template settings.

For test mode, you can open the Stripe site from the test mode in the management console. Open the Stripe site and copy the information and transaction ID of the last transaction. When you are finished copying information, close the Stripe site and close the management console.

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Next, run the Stripe management console application with the following command: PHP stripe (replace stripe with the name of the PHP script). To check the application is working properly, you should copy the previous transaction ID into the Stripe Management Console window. Run the Stripe Management Console application with the command of the stripe and watch the Stripe application status.

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